Kirtsen & Robbie

I've worked with Aude both with a group of women and privately in a couple's session. Each time I've left feeling inspired, more in my body and confident about how I want to express and connect to my own pleasure. Aude creates a safe and magical container that allows me to connect with myself in new ways that are energizing and encourage me to be more available to myself and my relationships. She is able to intuitively navigate the space to whatever healing best supports the situation. She transmits her wisdom into practical steps so that I have tools to use beyond our session. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from her - her experiences, studies and spirit are unique and packaged in such a delightful way that allows me to explore more of who I am. I look forward to continue working with Aude. Her mission to help others is authentic and genuine. Her offering is such a gift to this world. 

Aude Barras