At the beginning of this summer I was blessed to spend a week immersed in the exquisite tantric teachings of Aude Barras.  Aude holds a space of integrity, tenderness, and pure compassion. In my many years of seeking I have never encountered practices that are so grounding and so clear. Aude is able to guide one to their deep center with the nurturing love of a mother, the safe space she created allowed me to open to my deepest essence.  The transformation I experienced from this work is more than I can put to words right now. All I know is I discovered a tenderness within me that has overflowed into all aspects of my life. After our program I am now in a committed loving relationship, even surprising myself with the compassion and tenderness I have found.  I really believe it was the work Aude and I did that have enabled me to receive the grace of love in my life more profoundly than I ever knew possible. My gratitude to her and these teachings is immense. If you have any opportunity at all to work with Aude, take it!  She is here to transform fear into love, and tension into tenderness. 

Aude Barras