2-day workshop

Many of us haven’t taken the time to get to know ourselves sexually, and have left the exploration of our 'yoniverse' to someone else!

Tapping into the power of sisterhood, Yoniverse is a 2 day workshop that creates a supportive environment for loving self-exploration, sexual re-education and sharing.

Together we can connect with our unique purpose by reclaiming our intimate relationship with our yoni, our sensuality and our sexuality. This work helps us to heal our personal and generational wounds, allowing us to embody the extraordinary beings that we truly are.

This is for you if you want to:

Promoting and embracing each other's exceptional gifts

Respecting and honoring yourself for your uniqueness

Expressing your wildest dreams and making them a reality

Workshop content:
Yoniverse is an intimate and safe haven. We gather together and create an atmosphere of trust to heal our personal wounds and those passed down unconsciously from our mothers through generations of patriarchal beliefs.

Yoniverse is a fun and playful environment where we explore our most intimate terrain to reconnect with our feminine selves. It allows us to discover our sensuality, unlock our orgasmic potential and claim our uniqueness.

Yoniverse is a circle of empowerment where we share our dreams and help each other to uncover our distinctive gifts. Using this knowledge, we can step into our personal purpose and manifest the life we truly deserve.

Aude Barras