Feminine embodiment and self love journey

1-day workshop

Wom(b)an is a one-day journey into feminine embodiment and self-love. Here we explore Taoist and Tantric practices to connect you to your life-force energy and balance your spirit, mind, body and emotions.

Creating safe space in the form of a ceremony, Wom(b)an invites you to reclaim your feminine power by developing an intimate relationship with your own vital essence.

There is a wealth of wisdom dormant in our wombs and yonis wanting to become active. This workshop is about slowing down, entering softness and gently opening up your awareness to the force of your sexual energy, allowing you to tap into its limitless power. 

By opening up in softness to this force we can allow healing and greater pleasure in all aspects of our life. Gently going deeper and deeper into ourselves, we release shame, guilt and fear from our own true nature. This allows us to be in touch with who we really are: powerful, sexual, loving and divine human beings.
This is for you if you want to:

 - Understand Taoist and Tantric sexual practices and how they can help you harness your feminine and sexual energies

 - Nourish yourself by connecting deeply with other awakening women

 - Learn about the yoni egg and how to begin your practice (option to purchase an egg too)

 - Begin an at-home feminine self-care practice

Aude Barras