Pleasure is my Medecine

The sense of rapture that is experienced when pleasure takes over each cell in your body is the most powerful and beautiful of medicine

Shivering with the vibrations of the earth's pulsations, my body is my home, a sacred space where each breath is orgasmic!

The rising of the water melting my being, becoming one, one with the floor, one with the All

Making love with myself inside of myself

Everything relaxing, fluid, liquefying

Liquid gold caressing me, traveling through my body

 Dancing up my spine


The sweet surrender….

Surrender, Surrender

And the wave comes gently

The feeling of the rising force inside taking over and the dissolution of the All

Deeper even more, the visions are made clear

This medicine is as old as time

The ritual to Awaken

The essence of our humanity, the essence of our Being

Orgasmic in all of its fullness

In beauty and softness the swirling force dancing exploding

And the witness an elder in no time blessing the rite of pleasure

The Divine water flowing, purifying cleansing

Pleasure is my medicine

My coming home

Aude Barras