About my journey to pleasure.


I am Aude Barras founder of The Intimacy Guide. Thanks for being here. I'd like to dive into the story of The Intimacy Guide project and myself.

Early in my adult life, I found myself successful by western standards - job, check, fancy degrees, check, relationship, check - yet, I felt like something big was missing. 
It seemed like all of my achievements were a distractions from my core issue.

I felt unsafe in my body.
I felt disconnected from myself and insecure.
It was as if I had become a professional at lying to myself.

Even though I practiced yoga and meditation, none of it was actually landing. I wasn’t inhabiting my body, free from judgement and fear. Instead I was working out in an attempt to be "better."
The moment I received this insight, something inside shifted.

Western culture does a brilliant job training us to be go-getters, over achievers and five year planners.

I began a search for what my western education lacked, deep presence and radical self acceptance.  From McGill University in Montreal, to the jungles of Thailand, I immersed myself in the Taoist Tantric practices of sensuality, freedom and expansion.
Through these ancient modalities I discovered a doorway that led me back to myself, my authentic tenderness, that allowed me reclaim my path of abundance, pleasure and grace.
This truth can only be experienced, not simply taught.

Aude Barras