Kwan Yin - Nephrite Jade Egg

Kwan Yin - Nephrite Jade Egg


This is a medium 100% genuine Nephrite Jade Egg, sideways drilled

Size: 4.3cm x 3cm

Origin : Canada

The Jade egg is an ancient Taoist practice used thousands years ago to increase radiance, vitality while cultivating sexual energy for healing, creativity and manifestation.

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Kwan Yin - Nephrite Jade Egg

Kwan Yin is the goddess of compassion in the East Asian tradition. She is the embodiment of loving kindness & this jade egg carries her essence.

The Jade egg practice can help in strengthening the pelvic floor while making the muscles supple this will eventually awaken more sensations inside your vagina canal, bringing more pleasure in all aspects of your life

Nephrite Jade is the stone of the Heart and Kidneys. It is a gentle stone which helps with health, vitality, youthfulness and creativity.

  • Comes with a satin satchel for safe keeping

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All of the eggs have been energetically cleansed and smudged with sage and they have been charged.

Due to the intimate nature of the jade egg, we do not accept returns, exchange or refunds.


We recommend that you please consult your general practitioner prior to using Yoni Pleasure Palace product