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Sensual Awakening for Women is a 3 hour journey that reconnects you with your essence and helps you to reclaim your Shakti, or feminine personal power. Through modalities such as energy cord cutting and sensual massage, the session helps your body and yoni release imprinted memories, allowing you to tap into greater receptivity and pleasure.

Why work with your yoni?

Our yonis, Sanskrit for 'sacred place' (aka vulva and vagina) are places of delight and the embodiment of our feminine essence. Yet as with any other part of the body, the tender tissues of our intimate area can hold on to pain such as memories and even ancestral tensions. As a response, many women are disconnected from their inherent powers and have desensitized yonis. This desensitization, ultimately a defense mechanism, can result in layers of grief, sadness and frustration that take up residency in our bodies. There is so much beauty and potential within you. It is time to break free of the numbness and let your power emerge with softness and in grace.



.These retreats are typically held in the magical land of Tulum, Mexico – one of the most beautiful and unique destinations in the world. Known for its lush jungle, pristine beaches and rich legacy of Mayan culture, Tulum is the perfect place to take an immersive dive into the mysticism and science of Tantra and energy work.

Personal retreats are special 1-1 experiences, providing the opportunity for in-depth exploration, major transformation and learning. On request, they can also be arranged for pairs or small groups with whom you can share your journey, and can be enjoyed wherever you are in the world.

The retreats are comprised of 4 modules, each 3 days long. We encourage you to experience the retreat modules in succession, over the period of a few weeks or months, as the benefits of progressive work are powerful. Each retreat module is designed to build upon the themes and results of previous ones, creating deep shifts in awareness


Empowered Wom(b)an: Initiation into Tantric and Taoist Arts

Now more than ever, we need to inhabit our bodies and awaken our feminine power. There is a wealth of wisdom dormant in our wombs and yonis wanting to come alive.

Empowered Wom(b)man offers a sacred and safe space to liberate your feminine essence. This personal retreat series consists of 4 consecutive modules, each 3 days long, that are designed to be enjoyed over the period of a few weeks or months.

This beautiful work is about slowing down and tuning in. Throughout the retreat series, you will adventure along the pathway of the chakras to awaken your femininity, explore Shakti energy and reconnect your heart to your yoni. You will be shown how to shed layers and let go of what no longer serves you.

We’ll utilize ancient Tantric and Taoist practices to help you sink deep into the body, experience self-love and bring about radiance from the inside out. You will release blockages and expand your awareness of your life-force energy in order to break through and transform whatever has held you back. It’s time to step into your power and manifest your deepest desires. Gift yourself the opportunity to be immersed in sacred feminine practices and discover the treasures of womanhood.


Module 1: Connection – Discover Self-Love

3 days, 3 nights

This module provides tools to help you to connect more deeply to yourself and your body. It will guide you in rediscovering your potential to live a life fully from the body and heart. By releasing negative perspectives about your sexuality and physicality you’ll reconnect to your innate power and find your innate flow of love. This love will allow you to return to spontaneity, vitality and sensuality, while gently restoring your body’s ability for pleasure.

  • Understanding the mind-body-heart connection

  • Opening up to a nourishing intimate relationship with yourself and others

Module 3: Remembering – Awaken to Your Pleasure 

3 days, 3 nights

Building on the healing work, the Remembering module is an invitation to experience your erotic self, celebrate your sexuality and begin exploring your pleasure. Discovering orgasmic breathing, you will release limiting breathing patterns to invite the natural breath that frees the body and heart. You will gain the trust it takes to fully let go, in order to experience deep pleasure and surrender to something bigger then yourself.

  • Surrender to orgasmic breathing

  • Surrender to the force of the Goddess


Module 2: Healing – The Return to Erotic Innocence

3 days, 3 nights

The Healing module creates the space for you to return to your perfect, erotic innocence and rediscover the joy of living more fully in your body. During this module, we heal your sense of sexuality and your emotional body of many types of beliefs and social conditioning, in order to open pathways and release tensions from the yoni. This allows you to move from numbness back to your innate potential for pleasure. Exploring your life force and sexual flow, the Healing module restores your direct connection with life.

  • Letting go of fears and conditioning that restrict deep pleasure

  • Healing your sexual sense of self

Module 4: Integration – Sexuality and Spirit

3 days, 3 nights

The Integration module is devoted to uniting sexuality and spirit, inviting you to enter a nourishing, healthy and powerful relationship with your sensual self. This module will deep offer a shift in perspective, whereby your sexuality becomes a source of awakening. You will gain the tools needed to integrate the divine creative force we all possess.

  • Get in touch with the divine creative force within

  • Trust in your capacity to embrace a life that supports you

Aude offers a limited number of personal retreat opportunities per year. If you are a Woman seeking a unique and powerful experience, apply today.



These retreats are held in beautiful locations across the world, from Ibiza to Mexico and the Swiss Alps. They are made up of a small group of women looking to discover the beauty of sensuality and feminine empowerment.

The retreats are formed with a circle of women who share a longing to nurture their feminine essence in beauty, pleasure and play. Co-creating a sacred and safe space, we will experience inspiring moments and embody our sensuality. Carefully designed practices allow us to open to the power of our feminine wisdom.

The retreats are made up of 4 modules, each 2 to 4 days long. We encourage you to experience the modules in succession, as the benefits of progressive work are powerful. Each module is designed to build upon the themes and experience of the previous ones, creating deep shifts in awareness.


Awakening to Your Pleasure

Retreat Series

Bringing together Taoism, Tantra and Shamanism, Awakening To Your Pleasure is a series of experiential retreats. These retreats are designed to introduce the basics of intimacy work and connect you to your deepest feminine essence.

Welcoming sensation and pleasure, we will co-create a safe and nurturing environment where time slows down. In this space, we explore how to embody our erotic nature, heal our wounds and use pleasure to express our purpose in the world. 

The series of 4 retreats follows a three-part framework of Inquiry, Self-Love and Sexual Mastery.

  • The first module will prepare you to create a daily personal pleasure practice that enables you to radiate self-love.

  • The second module invites you to re-connect with your innocent essence. Using play, we will move deeper into acceptance and begin to redefine our perspective regarding sexuality.

  • The third module focuses on the healing of our yonis. We will clear and balance any emotional and physical pain, enabling us to enjoy more vitality, pleasure and creativity.

  • The fourth module opens us to the potential of our liberated sexuality. Introducing ancient Taoist and Tantric practices, we will



Module 1:  Establishing A Daily Pleasure Practice

A morning practice is fundamental to living a life of pleasure and creating deeper self-intimacy. This module introduces powerful tools for connecting to your essence on a daily basis.

  • Introduction to the pillars of Intimacy

  • Discovering the Medicine Wheel and pleasure as medicine

  • Establishing a 30-minute daily pleasure practice


Module 3: Healing Your Erotic Nature

Our yoni can hold on to painful memories and ancestral tensions. In response many of us have disconnected from the inherent powers within. This module invites you to heal and release social conditioning and beliefs, guiding you from numbness back to your innate pleasure.

  • Yoni healing practice

  • Cord-cutting practices

  • Study of the different yoni and orgasm types


Module 2:  Returning To Erotic Innocence

Entering the realm of the Yoni-verse, this module begins the journey at the very center of our being. Through playful and gentle practices we will start to restore our erotic innocence, reconnecting in beauty to our sexuality.

  • Yoni printing

  • Erotic anatomy teaching

  • Dream-crafting

Module 4: Unleashing Your Sensuality

Exploring the potential of our life force, this module begins the integration of sensuality and spirituality. Here we awaken and harness our pleasure, channeling its power as a way of restoring our connection to life and the divine.

  • Discovering ancient Taoist and Tantric feminine practices

  • Playing with different erotic archetypes

  • Channeling sensuality for spiritual connection


SAMPLE Retreat Schedule



08:30 - 10:00: Morning practice

10:00 - 11:00: Breakfast

11:00 - 1:00: Teachings

1:00 - 2:30: Lunch

2:30 - 6:30: Awakening session/adventure

8:00 - 9:00: Dinner

9:00 - 11:00: Evening practice - Ceremony

*The schedule above is an example of how a day could be created.

Payment plans are available upon request.

Payments can be made via bank transfer or PayPal. Attendees are responsible for transaction fees. Sign up via the form above and check your inbox for an email from us with all the information needed on how to complete payment.

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