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For many generations there has been heavy repression of sexual expression through societal conditioning. Over time our natural life force or sexual energy has been repressed and in the process we have been disconnected from our primordial birthright of pleasure and abundance. 

Living in a society that focuses on doing rather then being, we tend to lose touch with our intimacy, the inner most part of who we are and how to relate intimately in a fulfilling way.

Reconnecting to our Intimacy, the inner most part of ourselves allows us to restore integrity within our being. Finding alignment with who we are authentically enables us to hold the fullness of our force as sexual beings; creators of our reality.

The most important relationship we can ever nurture is the one with ourselves and all relationships flow from this foundation. Intimacy is learning the art of inquiry, self-love and sexual mastery to inspire a reconnection to your own life force giving you access to the latent powers of pleasure and abundance within.





Self-love is a state of unconditional love, appreciation and acceptance for oneself that grows from actions that supports our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth. Self –love is not a destination it is a practice, it is dynamic; it flourishes by actions. It about holding yourself as your own best lover and giving yourself the permission to do things you enjoy. The more you practice acts of self-love the stronger message you send to yourself: You deserve it. 


Inquiry is a practice of embracing your intimacy (authenticity). By engaging in an internal dialogue with yourself, it generates insights, introspection and discernment of what you truly long for, clearing the way for understanding truth of who you are and who you are not.  
Guided by inner wisdom, inquiry into yourself is a key piece to bridge the gap between who you truly are at your essence and how you are actually living your life.

Sexual Mastery

Sexual Mastery is a practice of harnessing and cultivating your force of creation and life force energy. It is not about Sex per-se its about learning how to connect,  and direct your inherent power as creative force. Sexual Mastery is a path to re-discover who and what you really are; a sexual being with the power to create your reality and bridging that through your own body and consciousness. It is remembering that you hold within yourself the strength to create an experience of Self and life towards greater vibrancy, peace, pleasure and abundance.


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I am currently leaving my home in Mexico to start a new adventure of learning and teaching around the world. Click on the calendar below to see where in the world I will be next. Plan an personalized session with me, available for individuals and couples, schedule a Skype session, or hire me to do specific healing work such as rituals and practices, workshops, or retreats.  


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Work one on one with you towards a specific goal in your spiritual practice. This can be done in-person or online.


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As part of my spiritual growth I have been acquiring practices that have helped me grow and expand, I can share these with you under different contexts.

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The knowledge gathered is to be shared, I have put together content for workshops, talks and retreats. 

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