my journey
to pleasure

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Western culture does a brilliant job training us to be go-getters, over achievers and five year planners.


Early in my adult life, I found myself successful by western standards - job, check, fancy degrees, check, relationship, check - yet, I felt like something big was missing. It seemed like all of my achievements were a distractions from my core issue.

Even though I practiced yoga and meditation, none of it was actually landing. I wasn’t inhabiting my body, free from judgement and fear. Instead I was working out in an attempt to be "better."

From living in Montreal, to discovering the jungles of Thailand, I immersed myself in the Taoist Tantric practices of sensuality, freedom and expansion. Through these ancient modalities I discovered a doorway that led me back to myself, my authentic tenderness, that allowed me reclaim my path of abundance, pleasure and grace.


This truth can only be experienced, not simply taught.